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FREE Amo Mould with 10kg of Felchlin couverture

Product: S12.VO97B
Ends: 31 March, 2017

Half Bell - Small

Product: DO11232
Best before: 08 September, 2017

Tart. Fruit Pastry Smooth

Product: TAR00K7.1
Best before: 05 April, 2017

Sugar Strands

Product: U139.01
Best before: 02 June, 2017

Moroccan Seed Mini Bites

Product: U03.25
Best before: 31 March, 2017

Byron Bay: Triple Chocolate Fudge

Best before: 14 May, 2017

Blood Orange Purée 10kg

Product: F15.50
Best before: 03 June, 2017

Latest News

Christmas Clearance!

25 November, 2016

Save up to 35% on these delightful Christmas products. Hurry before they run out!

Swiss Chocolatier, Felchlin, launch new Sao Palme 75% couverture

27 October, 2016

Sao Palme originates from the island of Sao Tome, off the Western equatorial coast of Central Africa, and has been recognised as one of the fine flavour varieties of the world by the International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO). The intense but well balanced cacao flavours interact with strong risretto coffee, underpinned by sweet, dried prunes and grapefruit notes. Due to the high content of cocoa butter, Felchlin couverture has a thin flowing viscosity, ideal for enrobing and moulding. The fantastic fluidity ensures longer workability than other couvertures.

Michel Cluizel Chocolate Workshop

08 March, 2017

Customers of Town & Country Fine Foods joined us for a two-day Michel Cluizel workshop held in our development kitchen.

World Final Winners of International Chocolate Awards 2016

26 October, 2016

The Winners of the 2016 World Final of the International Chocolate Awards were announced on Friday at The Chocolate Show, London. The International Chocolate Awards is an independent competition recognising excellence in fine chocolate. The judging panel is made up of renowned chefs, journalists, bloggers and chocolate specialists. Congratulations to Felchlin and our award-winning customers.

Our Partners & Customers Win Big at Academy of Chocolate Awards

29 July, 2016

Congratulations to our partners, Michel Cluizel and Felchlin, and our customers Fifth Dimension, Berries, Melt and Winchester Cocoa Company!

Greener Fleet

05 November, 2015

Town & Country Fine Foods go Green with their newest member... “little Lee”. We are delighted to introduce our smallest addition to our fleet, the new Ford Transit Courier. The photo shows...