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Pembrokeshire Cheese Biscuit Selection

3 varieties: Chive crackers, basil crackers & butter milk crackers.

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Three, very different and very versatile ‘Toasts’: Excellent with pates, cheese, creamy dips or as a snack to accompany wine. Cranberry & Raisin, Fig & Sultana and Plum & DAte

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Millers Toast® Fruit & Nut Selection

Thin, crispy toasts, excellent with patés, cheese, creamy dips or as a snack to accompany wine. 3 variants: Date, Hazelnut & Pumpkin / Apricot, Pistachio & Sunflower Seed / Cherry, Almond & Linseed.

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Berkshire Cheese Biscuit Selection

Selection includes 3 varieties. Charcoal: Stylish black cracker suitable for brie, camembert and triple cream cheeses. Water: Flame-baked for a toasty finish. Neutral enough to suit all cheeses. Earth: Potato base with beetroot and spinach to give an earthy sweetness. Partners well with ham terrine or as a sweet contrast to goat’s cheese.

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Mini Croccantini Original

"Italian Style Crackers made with all natural ingredients,. Certified Kosher. Dairy free and low fat. Can be used in the bread basket or for an appetizer with cheese, fish or meat platters. Also works well as an accompaniment for soup and salad."

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Peter's Yard Mixed Crispbread Selection

Award winning sourdough crispbread using Swedish baking, with naturally fermenting sourdough. Perfect for dips or as a biscuit for cheese. Square: Seeded Wholegrain (nutty flavour from grains and roasted seeds), round: Original/Organic (mild rye aroma with a background of honey), rectangle: Spelt and Fig.