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Fairtrade Speculoos (Wrapped)

Individual wrapped single biscuit. Fair Trade certified for cane sugar, honey and cinnamon.

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Choc Chip Speculoos (Wrapped)

Individual wrapped single biscuit with choc chips

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Ghiottini Individually Wrapped

Traditional bitesize biscotti made in Italy (7g). Crispy and taste of almonds

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Soft Tuscan Amaretti

Soft almond Amaretti is a typical Tuscan product with sugar and apricot almonds with an orange flavour.

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Classic Amaretti Refills

Amaretti del Chiostro from Saronno Italy. Round bitter/sweet cookies decorated with sparkling white sugar.

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Dean’s Petits Fours Shortbread

Individually wrapped mini all butter shortbread

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Dean’s Choc Chip Shortbread

Individually wrapped mini chocolate chip shortbread

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Border Biscuits Twinpack Selection

5 varieties of Border biscuits: Family biscuitiers since 1984. Viennese Whirls, Golden Oat Crumbles, Butterscotch Crunch, Chocolatey Cookies and Chocolate Chip Shortbread.

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Shortbread Twinpacks

Twin packed shortbread biscuits. A selection of 4 varieties: Buttery & Crumbly, Chocolate Chip, Vanilla & Walnut and Raspberry & White Chocolate. 12 of each variant.

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Oatie Twinpacks

Twin packed oatie biscuits. A selection of 4 varieties: Banoffee, Stem Ginger, Honey and Golden Crunch. 12 of each variant.

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Organic Lemon Melts

Organic lemon shortbreads, half dipped in white chocolate. Twin packs.