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Rhodoide Sheets

Plain acetate sheets

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Afternoon Tea Takeaway Boxes – Plain

Plain white cake boxes. Perfect for carrying out left-over ‘afternoon tea’ cakes or sandwiches. Or use for hampers, picnics, events, etc. Can also include personalised artwork, or a personalised sticker.

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Glassine Cups Brown 29 x 16mm

Brown Glassine cups

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Poly Film Strips 225 x 40mm

Poly Film Strips 225 x 40mm

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Poly Firm Strips 235 x 40mm

Poly Film Strips 235 x 40mm

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Poly Gateaux Film 45mm x 375m

Poly Film 375m x 45mm

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Comfort Green Piping Bags

"Comfort Green disposable Pipingbags on Roll., The product is made from a 4-layer PE film and available in green, the size is 53 x 28 cm and thickness 80 micron, recyclable"

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Red Hot Piping Bags

"Red hot piping bags are the hygeinic solution for hot & thick fillings. Extra large., 74 individual bags in a tough cardboard dispenser. Food safe and recyclable."

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Comfort Clear Piping Bags

Comfort Clear extra small piping bags. (Nozzle not included – See U9525 for set of ten various nozzles).