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Red & Gold Heart Selection Box

Selection of fine Belgian chocolates (as seen above) in a red box with decorative gold heart pattern, tied with gold ribbon.

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Love Bar

Solid bar of fine Belgian milk and white chocolate. Moulded to break easily into 4 bite size pieces, for portion control or sharing.

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Milk & White Chocolate Hearts

Milk and white chocolate hearts made with fine Belgium chocolate. Individually wrapped in cellophane and tied with a red ribbon.

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Ganache of Guatemalan origin with a layer of apricot and enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Almond praline from Avola almonds, enrobed in milk chocolate with a crepe dentelle finish.

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Ganache of Costa Rican origin, with a layer of homemade sesame praline and enrobed in dark chocolate.

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Macarons De Paris Strawberry - Colour

Strawberry coloured macaron shell. Fill with cream or use as decoration.

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Belgravia Petits Fours Selection

Includes fine chocolate shells, with duo flavours. Three variants: a layer of morello cherry ganache topped, with crystallised rose; a layer of raspberry and mint ganache, topped with nuggets of raspberries; a passion fruit and tonka bean ganache, topped with a scattering of caramelised almonds. Also includes two varieties of pâte de fruit: Apricot & Sour Cherry, and Pear & Blueberry.

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Fine Tear Drop Dark

Hand made fine dark chocolate in the shape of a teardrop.

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Red Lustre Sphere Dark 1 X 36

Dark chocolate sphere, coated in red lustre sheen, with hole at the top to enable filling.

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Trellis Heart White

Handmade, heart shape lattice chocolate cup in white chocolate.