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Mini Quiche Tartelettes (MQT)

"Canape-sized, savoury pastry shell, ideal for filling with quiche, savoury mousse, etc., Semi-baked, savoury pastry shell. Sprayed moisture barrier"

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Mini Vol Au Vents (Bouchees)

"Round to oval, cylinder shaped, golden brown with dark brown edge puff pastry"

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Ragout Pastry Shell Neutral

"Mid-golden coloured, round pastry cups with crimped sides"

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Round Savoury Tartelette 5cm

"5cm tartlettes are suited for cold as well as warm use. Can be filled with a spicy hot mousse for an aperitif or as an appertiser., Round semi baked savoury pastry shell"

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4.2cm Tomato & Basil Tarts

"Semi-baked canape sized tartlettes flavoured with tomato and basil, giving a taste of Mediterranean cuisine., CanapÚ sized tartelettes with tomato & basil"

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Olive & Rosemary Tart 4.2cm

4.2cm Olive & Rosemary Tartlette are suited for cold as well as warm dishes. Canape sized tartelettes with olive & rosemary.

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Universal Tart Selection Neutral

"A selection of small shaped tartlettes which can be used in the salty as well as in the sweet kitchen. They can be combined in any way and are well suited for aperrtiff, garnishing or dessert., Selection of small round and square shaped tartelettes"

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Mini Snack Tartelettes Beetroot and Peppers

Coated to keep crisp for up to 8 hours.

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Savoury Tartelette Rectangle 5.3cm

Mini, straight-edged, thin rectangular tart case. 53 x 28 x 17mm.

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Savoury Tartelette Round 5.3cm

Straight-edged, thin round tart case. Coated on the inside. 53 x 18mm.

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La Rose Noire: Mini Round Savoury Tart

"Handmade, straight edge tart with 25% butter & herbs. Hand coated"

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La Rose Noire: Mini Rectangle Savoury Tart

"Handmade, straight edge tart with 25% butter & herbs. Hand coated"