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(Jose) Tulip Cup Deep

Small Belgian-made chocolate cups with jagged rim

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(Annette) Tulip Cup Deep Mini

Small Belgian-made chocolate cups with jagged rim

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Squarette Chocolate Cups

A small fine chocolate cup with a hand crafted look for an artisanal appearance. Can be used as a chocolate cup or as a decoration

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Victoria/Ballerina Cup Plain

Victoria Ballerina chocolate cups made with plain Belgian couverture

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Rectangular Cup Dark 1 X 144

Shallow dark chocolate cup, with decoration on the rim.

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Cocoa Bean

Empty shell made with white chocolate with a cocoa bean shape and design. For filling or decoration L50xW24mm

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Sphere Bronze

Bronze coloured half sphere of approximately 60mm diameter and ~30mm high. made with dark chocolate. Ideal as a decoration or for filling.

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Mini Cylinder White

35mm diameter white chocolate hollow cyliner with milk chocolate swirl decoration.