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Raspberry Freeze Dried Pieces

"Freeze dried raspberry pieces with no additives. 0 - 6mm pieces. Moisture: Max.4%., 100g of the product is equivalent to approx. 710 g of fresh fruit, Produced from freeze dried fruit without any additives Irregular shaped pieces of raspberry 0-6mm Irregular shaped pieces of characteristic red colour and low amount of finer particles, Characteristic sharpness of Raspberries, no off flavour or odours., Freeze dried pieces of raspberries 0-6mm"

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Sugar Strands

Small sugar strands in an assortment of 8 colours for decoration.

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Plain Candy Floss

Plain white candy floss for topping desserts.

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Chocolate Coated Space Dust Sprinkle

Carbonated pieces of candy coated in milk chocolate, polished to a medium gloss.

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23 Carat Edible Gold Leaf

23 carat gold leaf. Beaten metal leaves with a thickness of approx. 0.7 microns. An alloy of 96% Gold and 4% Silver. Can be labelled as E175. 25 x 23 carat gold leaf sheets for decoration.

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Edible Silver Leaf

"Sliver leaf. Beaten metal leafs with a thickness of approx. 0.7 microns. Can be labeled as E174, 25 x silver sheets for decoration."