Mini Bun with Serrano Ham, Lime Mascarpone, Red Pepper Ketchup, Rocket & Fried Onions

product: B11.24



Braised Rabbit Shanks with Merlot

by HUG

product: TAR7170

23 June, 2014



Mini Bun with Laquered Pork Belly, Soy Jelly & Crunchy Serrano Ham

product: B11.23



Quatra Black Cold Appetizer


product: B11.19



Mini Bun with Squid, Sun Dried Tomatoes & Mozarella Di Buffala

product: B11.24



Mini Bun - French Toast

product: B11.22



Mini Bun with Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Pak Choi, Zest of Lime & Coriander




Mini Bun with Apple, Caramel & Nougatine Crunch

product: B11.24



Coupelle Haute with Quiche


product: B11.01