Capfruit is committed to the production of exceptional quality fruit purées, by capturing the natural flavour of the world’s finest fruit varieties at their prime.

Working closely with each of their fruit growing partners, they monitor and manage all stages of the production. Starting with the best soils and with strict criteria on the cultivation and selection of fruit varieties, much importance is also given to identifying passionate professionals capable of safeguarding the quality of their fruit.

Cultivated in line with strict technical specifications, the fruit is harvested at optimum maturity and often frozen on site to ensure that no flavour is lost.

With no colourings, flavourings, preservatives or thickeners used, fruit will only be pasteurised if necessary.

Capfruit - 16 Recipes of Inspiration from Hungary

This exciting recipe book perfectly illustrates how our talented Hungarian chefs are able to incorporate Capfruit ingredients into their own creations.



Capfruit - 16 Recipes of Inspiration from Norway

This edition of Cap’Recette presents Norway and Nordic flavors with recipes that reflect the contemporary Nordic palate, using berries and fruits from the garden, the forest and the coastline of the fjords.



Capfruit at Sirha

Capfruit invites you to dive back into the heart of Sirha, the World Pastry Cup and the Bocuse d'Or.



"Fresh nashi" entremets

product: F09.1124

27 March, 2019



Sudachi lollipop

product: F09.1615

27 March, 2019



Sudachi Chocolate Bonbons

product: F09.1615

27 March, 2019



Java plum Tart

product: F09.1107

27 March, 2019



Yuzu Meringue Tart

product: F09.1627

27 March, 2019


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Pineapple Purée

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Quince Purée

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Lemon Purée

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Lemon Crushed Purée

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Lime Purée

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Raspberry Purée

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Mixed Red Fruit Purée

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Pink Guava Purée

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Red Sour Cherry Purée

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Redcurrant Purée

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Kiwi Purée

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Lychee Purée