Findlater's pates are still hand made in small batches, using equipment and methods you’d expect to see in a high quality restaurant kitchen. This enables us to deliver exceptional flavours and textures.

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Findlater's - Creative designs using Paté Piping Bags



Findlater's - Creative designs using Paté Quenelles


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Chicken Liver Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 smooth chicken liver pate quenelles containing Port and Brandy, frozen in 16g quenelles. Perfect for topping steak or Beef Wellington.

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Duck Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 smooth and luxurious duck liver and cointreau pate 16g quenelles per plastic tray. Ready to pop out and serve.

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Red Lentil Paté Quenelles (Frozen)

15 unique and exciting lentil, sesame and coconut pate quenelles with warm spices and finished with a touch of honey. Great for topping fish fillets before baking them in the oven. Contains Sesame.

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Smoked Salmon Paté Quenelle (Frozen)

15 generous serving of traditional smoked salmon combined with CrÞme Fraiche and Dill. Perfect served in delicate, crust-free sandwiches with thinly sliced cucumber.