HUG is a family run company in the heart of Switzerland and is now managed by the fourth generation of the Hug family - Andreas and Werner Hug. Josef Hug-Meyer laid the foundation stone for success in 1877 in a bakery in Lucerne. Now HUG operates from 3 locations: Malters, Willisau and Trimbach, in Switzerland.

The recipe for quality and the excellent taste of HUG products is in the hands of the people who work with them. HUG remains true to their motto: Sincere, entrepreneurial and conscientious. All employees know the motto and it is part of their daily life. The core values, customer orientation, trust and innovation are also effectively upheld and practiced on a daily basis. The result is clear: HUG products are a delicious combination of innovation and tradition.

HUG develops, produces and sells a variety of biscuits, wafers, cookies, tartelettes and meringues.

The company reflects the passion the Swiss have for biscuits - all HUG biscuits are traditionally made using typical swiss ingredients. Christmas biscuit delights are typical seasonal specialities.

HUG also produce savoury frozen items such as cocktail mini pizzas, perfect for canapés. Due to the cooking process and their frozen nature once heated these can be served cold without affecting the quality.

HUG: tradition and innovation – combined with the finest ingredients.

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HUG - Tradition & Innovation

Tradition and innovation, combined with the finest ingredients.



Braised Rabbit Shanks with Merlot

by HUG

product: TAR7170

23 June, 2014


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Olive & Rosemary Tart 4.2cm

4.2cm Olive & Rosemary Tartlette are suited for cold as well as warm dishes. Canape sized tartelettes with olive & rosemary.

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Dessert Tartelette Elegance (Square)

"Tartlettes made with short crust pastry and a fine, colourless sugar icing., Tartelettes made with short crust pastry"

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Royal Dessert Tartelette (Crown)

"Fine short-crust pastry coated with colourless icing, Crown shaped fine short-crust pastry tartelette"

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Elegance Savoury Tartelette (Square)

"Semi-baked, savoury mixed-cereal pastry shell, ideal for filling with quiche, savoury mousse, etc., Square shaped, semi-baked, savoury pastry shell"

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Round Sweet Tartelette 5cm

Straight edge Dessert tarlet made with short-crust pastry and coated with colourless icing. Once opened keep covered and use within 9 months. Round semi baked sweet pastry shell.

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Universal Tart Selection Neutral

"A selection of small shaped tartlettes which can be used in the salty as well as in the sweet kitchen. They can be combined in any way and are well suited for aperrtiff, garnishing or dessert., Selection of small round and square shaped tartelettes"

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Square Sweet Tart 7cm

"Square Dessert Tartelettes - square sides conical with flat border, inside punched and lined with medium, porous surface - perfect for traditional recipes in a new style, Contemporary Square shaped tart with straight edges"

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Square Savoury Tart (7cm)

"Snack Tartelettes in square shape, to be used hot or cold. Coated, Savoury, contemporary square shaped tart with straight edges"

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Round Dessert Tart 7.6cm

Contemporary round shaped tart with straight walls and flat edges

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Hug 5cm Sweet Dessert Tart Shell

TAR7182 - view more

Round Carac Sweet Tart 7cm

A sweet pastry tartelette, with smooth edge.

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Sweet Round Tart 4.2cm

Mini baked dessert tartlette. each tartlette is approximately 6.6g and 42mm in diameter and 18mm high. There are 160 tartlettes in a box., They have a shelf life of 420 days from production and should be stored in a cool, dry place away from light. Ideal conditions are 15-25?C 65% RH., Contain: Wheat, Gluten, Milk & Soya., Suitable for Lacto-ovo vegetarians. Round tartlette with conical sides. The inner is punched. Should be a medium golden yellow to light brown baked colour. The texture is friable and brittle., Taste is typical for a short dough product and slightly sweet., Small round sweet tartelette shell with straight sides. Dia42xH18mm.